Festive Cocktail Recipes from Tulalip Resort Casino

Have you ever experienced a fabulous cocktail, only to go home and try to replicate it and fail miserably? We recently sipped the Spiced Rum Flip and Pumpkin Pie Martini at the Tulalip Resort Casino and begged them for the recipe so we can share it with our readers. The holidays are so much warmer and more fun with a well-executed, super delicious seasonal cocktail in hand. Shake and serve these amazing cocktails and be the hostess with the mostess this season. (Thanks Tulalip!)

Spiced Rum Flip

rum, Tulalip, cocktail, recipe

The spiced rum flip. Photo courtesy Tulalip Resort Casino.

The Spiced Rum Flip features the deliciously rich Boulevard Brewing Company’s Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, Pyrat XO 10-Year Rum, St. Elizabeth Jamaican Allspice Dram (the allspice berry has for generations been prized for its exceptional flavors of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg and a pepper note that dazzles the palate), Demerara syrup, cardamom bitters and a whole egg. Shaken and served neat.


1 ½ ounces Boulevard Brewing Co. Whiskey Barrel-Ages Imperial Stout

1 ounce of Pyrat XO 10-year rum

½ ounce St. Elizabeth Jamaican Allspice Dram

1-ounce Demara simple syrup

1 whole egg

¼ ounce cardamom bitters


In a pounder, add all of the ingredients and fill glass with ice. Shake and serve neat in a snifter. Garnish with shaved chocolate.

Pumpkin Pie Martini

Tulalip, cocktail, recipe, martini

The pumpkin pie martini. Photo courtesy Tulalip Resort Casino.

The Pumpkin Pie Martini is a new take on the classic holiday dessert, just served in a glass. This cocktail features pumpkin pie spice Kahlua, Fratello Italian hazelnut liqueur, pumpkin puree, fresh lemon juice, pumpkin pie spice, and heavy cream.


2 ounces pumpkin pie spice Kahlua

1-ounce Fratello hazelnut liqueur

2 ½ ounces heavy cream

½ ounces fresh lemon juice

1-ounce pumpkin puree

¼ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice


Add ingredients to a pounder glass. Shake and strain into a martini glass and garnish with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice.

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