Fine Art and Facing Fears

Kirkland Art CenterTwo new eerie exhibitions at the Kirkland Arts Center have ushered in the beginning of autumn. Apparitions, curated by J. Gordon, and Spellbound, curated by Geneva Baldauf, gave approximately 50 guests the chills at the opening night party on Friday, Sept. 21.

Strong themes of spirituality, death and afterlife, and witchcraft permeated both exhibits. The ground floor featured the Apparitions exhibit, which centered on the idea of spirits and the cultural or individual meaning assigned to the undead. Spellbound was on the second floor of the art center and focused on paganism and the witch as a feminist icon.

Baldauf said the witch has been misappropriated by popular media, and she wanted to dedicate space to rectify the misuse of this taboo topic. “Modern paganism defies race, gender, even species,” she said. “It’s all about finding your power and has strong ties in modern feminist ideas. So, be a witch, practice witchcraft, find your power.”

The exhibitions featured a variety of visual art mediums including painting, film, and sculpture. Featured artists were: Carrie Ann Baade, Justin Baldwin, Kristen Ferrel, Troy Gua, Mark Hurst, Che Lopez, Hanako O’Leary, Richard Sayer, Jason Sobottka, Ruthie V., Marlene Seven Bremner, Yuko Ishii, and Chris Sheridan.

Kirkland Art Center

Images were littered with pagan symbolism and shadowy specters, prompting conversation between attendees about their fears, uncertainties, and insights. The exhibitions will be displayed until Nov. 10, so don’t miss your chance to get into the Halloween spirit with some fine art and deep discussions at the Kirkland Arts Center.

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