Fitcode for Men

Online women’s denim retailer expands perfect fit services to both genders

Kirkland-based fashion technology company Fitcode started with a simple idea: Why not do more to help women find the perfect fitting jeans based on their body types rather than arbitrary sizes — a conundrum Fitcode founder Rian Buckley encountered throughout her modeling career.

Each new Fitcode user is asked four questions about fit problems having to do with tightness in thighs or calves, or gaps at the waist, and then is presented with a “fitcode,” and a suggested list of Fitcode’s partners from which to shop for the perfect jeans.

While Fitcode has helped more than 110,000 female users find their perfect fits since the company’s founding in 2014, there was an entire segment of the population that was being overlooked — males.

Fitcode for Men“Men’s (jeans) is the number one question that we get from partners and consumers alike,” Buckley said. “It’s always been on our radar, but we wanted to perfect our women’s offering first. Now that we’ve done that, we’re ready to expand our reach and provide partners and consumers with a single, trusted fit solution across their business.”

According to Fitcode’s survey of male consumers, the 95 percent of male consumers that comprise the $5.2 billion men’s denim market believe fit is more important than style when buying jeans.

“The demand from our brand and retail partners certainly influenced the timing of this decision, Buckley said. “They’re eager to offer a single fit tool across their denim business. While we can’t yet share what partners we’ll be initially launching men’s with, we have some amazing brands lined up.”

Fitcode’s expansion into men’s denim began beta testing in December 2017 and has now officially launched its full scale debut. Visit Fitcode online for more information.

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