Five Ways to Ease into Back-to-School Routines

It’s tough to get kids back in a routine after long summer days, late nights, sleeping in, and loose schedules. Here are some tips for the whole family to get back into the September school groove.


Use A Family Calendar

It is difficult to keep track of it all — and each other. Find a family communication system that works for your family. It can be an old-fashioned paper calendar everyone can write on, or an app like Cozi Family Organizer. In addition to keeping track of schedules, it also features to-do lists, family journals, and shopping lists!


Check Homework First

Check backpacks when everyone gets home, and encourage kids to do homework as soon as they get home, while enjoying a healthy snack. The sooner homework is done, the better for everyone’s sanity. It’s tough to do homework when everyone is tired. Now put that prepped backpack by the door for tomorrow morning.


Plan Dinners

It’s tough to get a healthy meal on the table with all that homework help, after-school activities, and your own work schedule. We get it. To make life easier, try meal prepping over the weekend. Cut veggies and fruits, boil eggs, and bake chicken breasts, all building blocks for meals later, or quick snacks. Utilize your slow cooker — and dinner can be done before you walk in the door! Not a planner? Maybe it’s time to invest in a new and improved pressure cooker to speed up the process.


Get Ready at Night

If you pick everyone’s outfits out the night before, pack lunches, get backpacks and computer bags ready, and have shoes by the door, your morning will be a lot better. And you will have more time to deal with everything that is bound to still go wrong, because, well, mornings.


Go To Sleep

If you hope the kids are sleeping at 8:30 p.m., make sure they are ready for bed at 7:30 p.m. — getting to actual sleep might take longer than you hope, and unwind time is essential. Plus, this gives more time to read some books, or talk about whatever is on their minds.


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