Five Workout Wins

Fitness should be about fun, spontaneity, and challenging your body and brain in ways that get permanent results. Fortunately, the fitness industry is constantly evolving to fan that flame. Here are five local fitness finds that will have you hooked.



infrared yoga

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Traditional hot yoga has been around since Bikram Choudary launched his hot yoga concept back in the early ’70s His traditional 26-pose class held at 105 degrees attracted a cult following. But after a while, and some shady tax dealings, the “Bikram style” began to stale. Enter infrared yoga. Infrared therapy has been used in physical therapy clinics for years. Adding infrared panels to a yoga studio results in catalyzing the powerful benefits traditionally gleaned from a yoga practice such as building lean body mass, decreasing risk of injury, and increasing flexibility. But when you add the infrared heat, you amplify these benefits and a list of other perks like decreased inflammation, increased weight loss, cellular healing, and increased blood flow. These “heat you from the core” infrared classes leave you feeling like you could leap tall buildings.

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small group fitness

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One common reason for bailing on your workout regimen is lack of accountability. Who’s going to notice if you don’t make it through the doors of your megagym? Hello, small group fitness. A smaller gym concept where they not only know your name but will hunt you down if you fail to show. I am not talking about just a small group fitness concept; I am referring to the forward-thinking, “functional fitness” focused outfits. The idea behind functional training is that you work your body with movements that you are going to need for life such as lifting, reaching, pushing, pulling, squatting, and lunging. The workouts are rarely the same twice, and highly varied. The concept is to provide a workout that surprises and delights your body with different intensities, weights, and duration of exercises. The result is one of the most efficient, effective, and fun training options available.

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interval training

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You might be familiar with “high-intensity interval training,” or “HIIT” for maximizing your burn during and after your workouts, but have you heard of Tabata, EMOM, or AMRAP? These variations bring refreshing diversions from traditional interval training. Tabata is a speedy 20 second-interval at full tilt with a 10-second rest, repeated eight times. This workout is all about building power, strength, and endurance in a short period of time. EMOM stands for “Every Minute On The Minute.” You repeat a particular exercise for a time period and whatever remains of the one-minute cycle is your rest period. EMOM is an excellent way to focus concentration, energy, and speed. AMRAP is a circuit of exercises done as many times, or “rounds,” as possible with no rest. You repeat the set circuit until you, or your form, fails.

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TRX is bodyweight training anywhere, anytime. Developed by a Navy SEAL for soldiers to maintain their fitness in the field, TRX is highly adaptable and compatible with any age or body type. These simple straps challenge upper body, lower body, and core all in one workout. You will never be bored here! You can incorporate cardio, strength training, and even yoga with the TRX unit. One of the biggest advantages of TRX is that for the reasonable price of a home unit, you can have this workout anywhere. I have strapped the suspension unit to my car, a telephone pole, and even a park structure. My recommendation? Try a “TRX fusion” class by mixing TRX with another discipline, like cycling, jump rope, or sprints.

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Peloton cycle

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Perhaps you are not a group fitness person? Maybe you prefer to be in the comfort of your own home? No problem. Even if you are not a cyclist by nature, Peloton might be a perfect fit. One of the fastest growing fitness companies, Peloton provides a unique, interactive experience and highly motivating workout. Forbes magazine says, “Peloton merges gym-quality equipment with expert instruction.” Peloton’s interactive technology allows you to live-stream motivating classes right from their New York studio, or you can access a treasure trove of past classes. The trifecta of their success is that music, workout, and instructor preference can easily be individualized to your personal needs. The best part: Peloton stores all your previous data, pushing you to personal best records by encouraging a little more out of each workout.

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