How many civil engineers does it take to open a high-end ice cream shop? When that person is Quyen Dang, one determined woman is all it takes. Bellevue’s coolest new stop for frozen treats comes with a twist — liquid nitrogen. Nothing is made ahead and stashed in a freezer or tub. Everything is made to order, allowing guests to customize their sweet frozen visions. A smidge of lavender in the chocolate base? No problem. And because it doesn’t ever sit in the freezer, there are no ice crystals or off flavors, just the smoothest, creamiest ice cream on the planet.

FogRoseSo, how does a civil engineer get into the ice cream business? “I wanted to be more involved in creating a product. This combines my passions of creation, science, and food. Plus, a small business is a wonderful way to be part of a community,” said Dang. She points out that ice cream makes people happy. “You can’t argue about it. It’s ice cream!”

Dang partnered with local baker Tanya Emerick, who produces macarons, meringues, and other delectable toppings displayed in jars along the side wall. Some flavors rotate weekly to take advantage of seasonal ingredients like blueberries and lavender. Emerick also produces a pistachio butter and other base ingredients.

Dang’s favorite flavor is quinoa butter, which she describes as creamy and nutty. Many customers are surprised by the unusual offerings, like olive oil utilizing the Arbequina olive, a lighter-flavored varietal.

FogRose is located on the ground floor of the Soma Tower. This fall, it will be joined by a dessert and cocktail bar called FogRose Atelier located just up the stairs above Cépaé and La Parisienne French Bakery. The Atelier will cater to adults, though minors are permitted except for at the bar.

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