Founder of House and Hound: Amy Jean

A frenzy of house cleaning and pet care services is already in existence, but Amy Jean of House and Hound in Woodinville decided to combine the two, so busy pet owners could come home to a clean house and a happy pup. Jean, whose family bred Basenjis and who spent her youth showing dogs in the American Kennel Club circuit, decided to leave her career as a criminal lawyer and return to her roots working with dogs. Jean noticed a need in the market and decided to fill it with House and Hound, which currently serves the Eastside and greater Seattle area with a five-member team. We caught up with her to learn more about her business and why she made a career change.

Josefine Karlsson via Flickr

Favorite Places

To Relax | Chateau Ste. Michelle, especially in the summer

For Dinner | Heritage Restaurant | Bar

To Grab a Drink |  Hollywood Tavern

To Be Inspired | The beautiful vineyards that are speckled all throughout the valley.

Inspiration Board

What are you listening to? | 432 Hz frequency music

Favorite MovieForrest Gump

Favorite Place to Travel | Lake Como, Italy

Favorite Dog Breed | Wow; this is such a tough question! I love Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but I love Great Danes as well.

Favorite Quote |  “Emotion (E-Motion)” is Energy in Motion; this means each and every one of us is strictly energy, giving us the great opportunity to be deliberate creators of our lives. 

Best dog-friendly trail on the Eastside |  The Burke-Gilman Trail


What made you want to launch your own business?

I was miserable and wanted to enjoy this precious life I have. So, I decided to wake up and do something about it. My mom died, and that was a huge turning point in my life, because we were close. I began realizing, and I mean really getting that: Life really is short, and we are the ones who decide how to live it, and we can create anything we want. I always enjoyed animals and being around them. I have a knack for dog relationships, and dogs really like me. Now I get to hang out with love around me all day. 

It’s interesting that your company specializes in dogs that have special needs. Why did you decide to carve out that niche for yourself?

There aren’t many boarding facilities for dogs that cater to this niche, and there is a large percentage of the dog population that fits into this category — blind dogs, old dogs, shy dogs, vicious dogs, and ailing dogs — who need medicine, and even puppies have special needs. 

How has your life changed since you made this career shift?

I have become more aware of how I am the one who gets to choose my life path, instead of the outside world and circumstances doing it for me. I used to think it was that way. But when I discovered that my thoughts mean something — that every one of my thoughts goes somewhere — I realized that we can choose what comes to us every day. That’s a great power. 

Do you have any advice for people who are unhappy in their careers?

Yes. We are connected to every single living being today, whether you like it or not. If you are unhappy, it will affect everyone else, too. If you want to be truly happy, and I mean truly to-the-core happy, then look for things that bring you joy in life, and do more of those things. A career change could follow.

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