Fried Chicken Roundup

September is National Chicken Month, and not that we need a reason to enjoy fried chicken, but did you know how many varieties of it are available? Take a day off from kitchen duty, and pick up some crispy, spicy, sweet, options to reacquaint yourself with this comfort classic.

Southern Fried Chicken from Ezell’s

You can’t argue with tradition, and Ezell’s is famous for a reason. Available for pickup or delivery, with multiple locations; order the half and half option if you can’t decide between original versus spicy. And don’t forget the sides.

Courtesy The Third Place

Korean Fried Chicken from The Third Place

Korean-style is the new KFC, and a recently opened spot in Redmond offers a choice of sauces to coat the signature super-crispy chicken — a honey garlic sauce or a sweet and spicy chili option. Visit or call to order: 7844 Leary Way N.E. Redmond, 425.636.8641.

Courtesy Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

Karaage Chicken from Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

This place is known for its ramen, but have you tried the karaage chicken? A favorite Japanese bar snack, these bites of ginger/soy-marinated chicken thighs are fried to satisfying crunchiness, enjoyed on their own or as a salad. Locations throughout the Eastside and Seattle:

Photo by gsz via creative commons

Chong Qing Chicken from Spicy Talk Bistro

A beloved Eastside favorite for Szechuan cuisine, Spicy Talk remains a hot spot for spicy food fanatics. The eatery’s Chong Qing chicken is an irresistible indulgence of bite-sized, hurts-so-good fried chicken, tossed with fried chilis and green beans. Located at 12305 120th Ave. N.E., Kirkland.

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