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We have our fall fashion trends for 2020 that reflect the haute couture that hit the runways in February. And then we have, less officially, the fall fashion trends that we’ve all been living in since March, when COVID-19 safety precautions mandated us to stay home. Here are some of our favorite comfy and stylish at-home pieces that might pick you up from those quarantine blues.

We get it. High fashion is probably not the first thing on most of our minds right now. Even if you’re a fashion lover, there aren’t many places to go show off any new looks — unless, of course, you really want to stand out at the grocery store or in the neighborhood. If this is you, more power to you. 

For most of us, though, the last six or so months have been a strange rotation of that one pair of sweatpants, our favorite PJs until noon (or later), and maybe the occasional “real” outfit that we regret and change out of approximately three hours later. When you’re seeing nobody but your family for days on end, and everyone on the Zoom call is dressed pretty casually, there’s not a lot of reason to put on that tried-and-true office wear that’s hanging stale in our closets.

So, here’s a fall fashion guide that’s all about comfort. Lean into it! From some of our favorite athleisure pieces (no judgment if you go on that run or just lounge about all day) to some cozy pieces that might end up doubling as a security blanket of sorts, these pieces are great for working from home in both comfort and style.

Nike Men’s Sneakers

Just because you’re mostly at home doesn’t mean you can’t look cool on your daily walks. Nike’s Killshot 2 Suede-Trimmed Leather Sneakers are inspired by the classic tennis shoe, so you can’t really go wrong. They look great, but they’re still comfortable and practical — just what we all need right now.

The Super-Soft Wide-Leg Jean

Why wear jeans if you’re just sitting around in them? Well, it’s a different story if the jeans are maybe even more comfortable than your favorite sweatpants. That’s the case with these high-waisted and wide-leg jeans from Everlane, which are made from 100 percent organic cotton with a design that makes them feel broken-in from the first time you wear them.

The Rehearsal Sweater

This sweater from Good American in mauve will probably be an instant staple. It’s simple and cozy but has zippers on the side for a fashionable detail. Perfect for tossing on for an extra layer as the weather starts to cool off again.

Ribbed Football Legging

The Year of Ours has a ton of awesome colors to make your wardrobe pop. These leggings are ribbed and have an interesting front lace-up detail, making them a little more intriguing than your typical black Lycra leggings. Pair them with a ribbed top of the same color for a complete outfit for exercise or lounging around.

Bed-Stuy Pant

Brooklinen is known for its amazing bedding — but it also has some comfy clothing options. We love these fleece joggers, which have a loose fit while still being flattering. And, let’s face it: It’s elastic waistband season. Don’t fight it.

Speed Quarter Sock

Lululemon’s socks are designed to be kind to your feet. These are lightweight running socks that have micro-cushioning in both the heel and the toe. Run, walk, or just keep your feet warm at home. Reflective pieces on the socks help keep you visible, too, when you’re out in the dark.

High-Waist Bike Shorts

First, it was leggings. Now, it’s bike shorts. This new trend is becoming more and more visible on celebrities, and we’re here for it. Use them for their original purpose — cycling — or dress them up with an oversized blazer and chunky sneaker. This pair from the Girlfriend Collective is even made from recycled water bottles.

Pride Off-Center Jacket

When it comes to pops of color, there’s none we love more than this sporty take on the Pride flag. Pride month might be over, but this jacket is a way to celebrate gender diversity and love all year around.

Patagonia Fleece Pullover

We’d be remiss to talk about comfy trends without including a fleece pullover from Patagonia. With lots of different patterns and styles, this piece is perfect for a weekend camping trip or an extra layer to throw on in the evening.

Kate Twill Jumpsuit

Sometimes, you want to get a little dressier — but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. This practical jumpsuit is minimal and casual while also being a step up from your legging/sweatshirt look.

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