Get to Know Wayward at Bellevue Square

Wayward, which recently opened at Bellevue Square, sells outdoor and urban apparel for men and women. Everything on the shelves is built to last. Plus, it’s one of the few places to find exclusive brands and specialty Seattle vendors. We spoke with general manager, Kevin Winkel, about the new store. 

425: Does the store have a buying philosophy? 

Winkel: Wayward is focused on providing products that help people explore and enjoy, specifically through the lenses of adventures (urban, outdoor, or travel) and creative culture (music, photography, craftsmanship, art/writing). All of our products are high quality that should stand the test of time. We search globally for unique brands both emerging and heritage. We are a socially responsible company and seek products that also support that.

425: Who do you serve? 

Winkel: Men’s apparel and accessories are a little over a quarter of our products. The other three-quarters are women’s apparel and accessories, bags, and luggage, and lifestyle accessories. We deliver an equal balance across these categories.

425: Let’s talk about that wall of bags!

Winkel: Bags are really the cornerstone of Wayward. We believe it all starts with a bag. What bag you select and what you put in it is where you start any adventure, whether it’s traveling to Cuba or just in Seattle. We carry over 15 brands of bags ranging from $25 to $500+.

425: What’s something really unique you carry? 

uKeg from Growlerwerks

Winkel: We carry a lot of unique items you can’t find at other retailers. From curating our own vintage one-of-a-kind items, working with really small brands not available outside of their own websites to local Seattle vendors like Black Pine workshop or Mystery Made apparel. One of the hottest items right now is the uKeg from GrowlerWerks.

is the managing editor at 425 magazine. Email her.
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