Get To Stepping To Boost Your Mood

Getting exercise can really bring up your mood, even just a simple walk.

That’s why Ilene Schaffer created a Mindful Stepping deck of cards. The deck encourages users to “take their thoughts for a walk.” It combines deep questions with physical exercise for the ultimate mood boost.

Schaeffer wanted to create a tool that people could use independently, she said. After all, not everyone can work with a professional counselor.

“Walking moves people physically, but also mentally,” she said.

But it’s not just a solo activity, she’s hearing of people using the questions with their kids, their spouse, or a friend.

The cards adapt what Scaffer learned training in positive psychology — the cards are actually the product of her master’s degree project. She seems positive psychology as an important movement.

“I believe deeply in how powerful this can be to move people forward,” she said.

Pick up a copy at Hedge & Vine in Bellevue or at Schaffer’s website.

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