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image002It’s bittersweet news, but everyone’s favorite fashion gal-pal blogger, Tina Witherspoon, is quitting her blog “Glamspoon” to focus on her brand “Boho Republic.” “After 5 years working with recycled materials and considering myself something of a textile artist, I’m making the leap to fashion designer,” Witherspoon wrote on her blog. Witherspoon credits Evening Magazine’s reality TV show “The Look,” (in which she was a finalist) as the catapult. Witherspoon is known for her bohemian-chic dresses that she designs with comfort in mind. She plans to still keep her fans in the know with Twitter and the Boho Republic blog.

Check out our Q&A with Witherspoon.

What’s next for Boho Republic? Where do you hope it will be in a year?

For 2013 Boho republic is officially in development. I’m working on samples and sourcing fabric and interviewing factories. I plan to have a variety of designs available year round in alternating spring and fall fabrics. I’m hosting a few sales locally this summer and maintaining my first online shop, but in a year I’d like to be moving into wholesale.

What made you realize you were ready to launch your own commercial line?

It’s been a struggle creatively to focus on the commercial side of fashion, because I started out making clothing very organically. But a few months ago I realized that I really wanted to turn my passion into a legitimate business, so I needed to pay attention to trends and come up with a branding statement and business plan. So far it’s been a great learning experience and a whole new world!

When you make it big are you going to move to L.A. or New York like the rest of them or is Seattle your home for real? 

Making it big (to me) means selling wholesale to a dozen or so independent boutiques around the country, and if I can maintain a business like that from Seattle, then I’m not going anywhere!

Are you still designing your own patterns? Tell me more!

As far as designing goes, lately I’ve been riffing on a theme. The Saturday Market Collection embodies casual, comfortable chic, and every piece is based on the same silhouette. It’s about looking your best every day, not just on special occasions. The possibilities are endless!

Where can we follow you now?

I have a new website/blog and an online shop through Open Sky, in addition to a Facebook page, twitter account, instagram and tumblr feeds, all of which can be found here


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