Glass Art at Bellevue Arts Museum’s Biennial

Bellevue Arts Museum has selected 48 artists to participate in the fifth edition of the museum’s Biennial, a juried exhibition occurring every two years that focuses on the work of established and emerging Northwest artists, craftspeople, and designers.

This year’s biennial will be the last materials-based biennial, focusing on the medium of glass. The exhibition, titled BAM Biennial 2018: BAM! Glasstastic, will be on view from Nov. 9 through April 14.

“With Seattle being the undisputed center for the development of glass as an art form in North America, it was natural that this medium should have been selected to culminate the museum’s series of media-based Biennials,” said Benedict Heywood, executive director and chief curator of BAM. “The simplicity of its composition, the complexity of its production, the many forms it can take — blown, cast, frit, stained — as well as its many uses, from the stained glass of a medieval cathedral to the modernist skyscraper, from the Venetian goblet to the IKEA tealight, attest to the fact that glass is a paradoxical material that has inspired the artists of the Northwest for generations.”

Looking ahead to 2020, the museum plans to spotlight the field of architecture.

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