Hill City Redefines Men’s Apparel

Gap Inc. is changing the game of “high-performance” menswear with a new brand dubbed Hill City. Hill City launched in October at hillcity.com, and pieces from the brand are on display at the University Village Athleta store.

“Men’s lives are evolving. We no longer want to dress as either an ‘athlete’ or ‘outdoorsman’ or a ‘businessman’— we are all of those, and we’re also fathers, friends, and active members of our communities. We don’t want a different look for each aspect of our lives,” stated Noah Palmer, general manager of Hill City and former MLS soccer player.

“That’s why our team set out to rethink men’s apparel with one brand that could fill a man’s entire closet with versatile, high-performance pieces that can take him from a hike to a dinner out, without sacrificing a sense of style.”

Hill City — whose name was inspired by the hybrid nature of its San Francisco roots — has been designated a B Corp certified brand by integrating sustainability throughout many of its products, using renewable, recycled fibers to create performance fabrics.

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