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Most of us know what we like when it comes to home design and décor, but it can be stifling to determine how to blend styles to create a home that feels cohesive. We talked to interior designer Stefanie Brooks to find out what features are gracing beautifully designed homes this year.

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Hot Highlights of 2018

In the kitchen, Brooks said, painted cabinetry is dominating the market over the previously preferred style of stained wood. Quartz countertops are requested more over granite or natural stone, but she’s seeing a “surge of monochromatic, simple earth tones, like cream, beige, white, and brown resurfacing again.” Plumbing features are steering more toward ombre, black, and gold fixtures, and kitchen tiles are becoming bolder with larger formats. Patterned encaustic tiles are still popular, adding a unique pop of color and design to the kitchen, and subway tiles are still beloved by many. However, the classic subway tile has been elevated with new options of larger tiles, beveled edges, glossy and matte finishes, and texture.


Home Design

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A Splash of Paint

Color forecasts for 2018 predict more uses of violet and deep shades of red. Brooks said most of her clients lean toward neutral palettes for walls, and seek out color with pillows, window treatments, and accessories. Brooks gravitates toward warm grays, because they marry well with existing finishes and furniture. Check out Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray. For a cool-tone gray that works well with bright whites or blues, try Benjamin Moore’s Smoke Embers. If you want to go with a bold wall color, Caliente was named Benjamin Moore’s color of the year. Or, Brooks recommends Peignoir by Farrow & Ball, which is a very pale lavender.


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Colorful Accents

To offset quiet paint colors, Brooks loves dark colors for accents or highlighting a room with a different color — think shades of charcoal, deep blues, and greens.

“Another way to bring in some bold pattern or great texture is a wall covering,” she said. “This has certainly come a very long way, and the options are endless and amazing. Most people are open to the idea, where others cringe because all they can think about is the terrible paper that hung in their parents’ homes growing up.”


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Simple Style Upgrades

Not feeling up to a major redesign or remodel? There are simple and affordable ways to upgrade your space without spending a small fortune.

“Switch out and upgrade light fixtures; freshen up the walls with new paint; add cabinet hardware to kitchen cabinets; spray paint the old, ugly brass trim on the fireplace façade; switch out your pillows; and upgrade the kitchen,” she said.


Home Design

Photo by Rachel Coward

Creating Cohesive Spaces

Collect pieces that complement each other without being too “match-y.”

For example, go for that new sofa you’ve been dreaming about, and incorporate a vintage chair to create a little diversity.

“Determine what you are drawn to in terms of color, shape, and texture, what makes you feel at ease and makes you smile when you walk into a space,” Brooks said. “Finding the root of what brings different pieces together will help you achieve that cohesive, thoughtfully styled look. For example, if you have a color you love, then try to incorporate it throughout the home in little places here and there.”

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