Humming Hemp’s Hummingbars (Try Saying that 3 Times) at Grocery Stores

Eating clean doesn’t have to start with a New Year’s resolution — Humming Hemp, a Richland-based company, makes protein-packed, plant-based snacks and ingredients from hemp seeds.

In its raw, plain form, the seeds — also called hemp hearts — look a bit like quinoa, with a mild, nutty flavor, and packed into that little seed is easily digestible protein, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and magnesium, and they’re safe for restrictive diets that eschew grains and gluten.

And no one’s getting high. While the seeds are from the same species as cannabis, it’s a different plant variety, minus the psychoactive compound. Health stores and paleo/keto fans have been keen on hemp hearts as a nutritional supplement, but now you will see this local product at Fred Meyer and other Kroger stores, locally and nationwide.

The bars are nutty, chewy, and come in a variety of flavors, including creative pistachio and lavender. All the “cool kid” flavors that are in smoothies have been incorporated into a variety of Hummingbars. For home cooks looking to integrate hemp hearts’ superfood qualities into their diet, look for Humming Hemp’s bottled cold-pressed hemp oil for dressings; bagged crunchy hemp hearts that can be added to yogurt, cookies, breads, or just snacking; and there’s a line of spiced hemp hearts coming out in the new year flavored with peppers and honey.

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