Indulge Smartly with These Sustainable Food Apps

Whether you’re planning to visit a local romantic spot or create a lovers’ feast at home, there’s a lot of pressure to have the perfect Valentine’s Day meal. The one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is whether your food choices are good for the earth. The following apps will help you indulge smartly with your soulmate.


Seasonal Food Guide sustainable food app

Seasonal Food Guide

Free, Android and Apple

A big part of eating sustainably is choosing fruits and vegetables that don’t need to be shipped thousands of miles. The Seasonal Food Guide app take the guesswork out of what produce you should choose. Simply search by region and month, and the app will give you a list of yummy in-season choices.


Certified Humane sustainable food app

Certified Humane

Free, Android and Apple

If you’re against factory farming but still want a steak dinner, the Certified Humane app will show you restaurants and stores that sell ethically raised and slaughtered meat. The app also lists local farmers and ranchers who meet the stringent standards of the Humane Farm Animal Care. While eating meat is a tricky subject when it comes to sustainability, you can at least ensure the animal on your plate was never kept in a cage or stall.


Good Guide sustainable food app


Free, Android and Apple

The GoodGuide app is a must for any health-conscious shopper. The app rates more than 75,000 grocery items based on nutrition, product safety, and environmental impact. You can also scan an item’s UPC code to see whether it has any harmful ingredients. While some of the ratings are obvious, GoodGuide is great for choosing between comparable brands or making sure that an “organic” label lives up to its name.


Chocolate List sustainable food app

Chocolate List

iTunes App Store or Google Play store

Free, Android and Apple

Eating sweet and rich chocolate is a great Valentine’s Day joy, but you want to make sure your treats were ethically made. The Chocolate List app makes it easy to find which chocolate brands buy from sustainable farms that don’t employ child or slave labor.


Seafood Watch sustainable food app

Seafood Watch

Free, Android and Apple

If you’re partaking in a seafood delicacy this Valentine’s, take a moment and check Seafood Watch. Simply enter the name of the fish, and the app will let you know whether it’s an ocean-friendly choice. There’s even a sushi database that doubles as a translation guide. You get directions to local restaurants or seafood shops that are certified Seafood Watch partners.


Love Food Hate Waste sustainable food app

Love Food Hate Waste

Coming soon, Android and Apple

If you think the dinner check is expensive, consider that in 2017, Americans spent almost $165 billion on food that ended up in a landfill, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The goal of the Love Food Hate Waste app is to curb all that food waste. You can plan meals based on what you already have in your pantry, set reminders for when to use food, and more closely track your food purchases.


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