It’s Island Thyme

You can easily transform your home into a luxurious spa-like atmosphere with a little help from Island Thyme. In the heart of the San Juan Islands, Chris and Eliza Morris have been carefully creating their skin and body care products since 1996. From body scrubs to aromatherapy oils, each one of their creations is soothing, elegant, and natural. You can find Island Thyme at numerous boutiques and specialty stores throughout Washington. Here are a few items I tried:

Lavender + Peppermint Headache Stick ($10)

This has been my go-to natural remedy lately. Not only does it relieve sinus or tension headaches, but also drowsiness and jet lag. Apply to the back of the neck or a little on your temples and you’ll not only feel amazing, but smell amazing too.

Rose Rejuvenation Toner ($13) 

Rose water mists have been one of the best-kept secrets of the beauty world for quite some time. Aside from its light floral scent, it also boasts a number of cosmetic benefits. A quick spritz over your face and neck helps reduce the size of pores, calms any redness, clears up acne and balances your skin’s ph.

Orcas Lavender Soap ($5.50)

These 4-ounce bars of soap are full of lavender flowers fresh from the Island Thyme farm and the pure lavender essential oil transforms a warm shower into a tranquil oasis. Twelve other scents are available to choose from!


Grapefruit Body Glow – Salt & Sugar Scrub ($14)

The scent of grapefruit livens up your skincare routine and awakens your senses. Organic cane sugar and sea salt exfoliates your skin while the Shea butter and jojoba moisturizes. Biweekly treatments keep your skin looking its best!



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