Slideshow: Jaleh Giveaway Winner!

The lucky winner of the $100 gift card to Jaleh is Cathy Lalley who loved the pleated blazer. Cathy, please email to retrieve your gift card.

As a courtesy to the rest of our readers who didn’t win, Jaleh is offering a 20% off discount towards orders placed on the Jaleh website from 4/29-5/14, just in time for Mothers Day! The code is ‘425mag’.

Thanks for participating and happy shopping!

Fashion continues to cater to modern working women who need clothes that fit into their busy lifestyles. And there’s not a woman on this earth who doesn’t need more versatile clothing in her closet. Enter the local womenswear line Jaleh.

The Jaleh line, developed and manufactured in Seattle, is full of wearable, sophisticated fashion for forward-thinking women. Jaleh clothing is a unique blend of classic items with fun, flirty details. A light button up blouse with a draped back, a cream top with arm bows, a simple sleeveless summer blouse with a ruffled back collar (SEE SLIDESHOW) are some of the pieces that are uniquely “Jaleh.”  They also carry those uber-simple pieces that are often impossible to find like a plain black peplum top, a white sweetheart dress, and patterned leggings that aren’t, you know, too out there. Retail price points range from $48-$224.

The other big plus about Jaleh? Everything, from start to finish, is done in the USA.


Editor’s pick: I learned a long time ago that every girl needs a blazer. It’s a simple, tailored item you can throw over just about everything. But finding the perfect blazer for summer isn’t easy and they’re often tucked back into our closets when our stormy clouds part. The solution? Jaleh’s blazer with the pleated nylon back. It has the same tailored structure as a typical blazer but the back makes it unique and provides that airy extra room perfect for warmer weather. I also think this blazer sums up Jaleh’s style of taking a classic piece and altering it for a woman on the go.


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