Job Hunting? Forget the Resume

Jobs Help Wanted

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Reaching the end of college graduation season means there is yet another class of graduates beginning the search for a viable, “real life” job. With this economy, however, the job market is more competitive than ever before, so everyone is looking for a new way to stand out, be noticed, and get hired. John Lee, a graduate of both the University of Washington and Seattle University and founder/CEO of LeeCore, a boutique business management company, brings new strategy and tips to job-searchers in his new book, Forget the Resume. 

Forget the Resume offers a detailed, disciplined, and different 6-week plan to getting a job for recent college grads and underemployed professionals. With a workbook-like structure, Lee’s book gives a sense of purpose and direction to job-searchers who may have grown weary or overwhelmed by the process. According to the Portland Book Review, “If you are seeking employment, [Forget the Resume] is a tool that should be part of your employment strategy.”

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