Katy Enger

Founder of San Juan Seltzer

Those scanning the aisles of the liquor section will be hard-pressed to find an array of low-calorie and low-carb options. Bellevue resident Katy Enger felt the frustration regarding the lack of options, and though her career background was in education and event planning, she decided to take matters into her own hands. For the last year, Enger and her newly developed team refined recipes for four spiked seltzers that capture the essence of the San Juan Islands, the inspiration behind the drinks and Enger’s favorite place to escape city life. San Juan Seltzer hit the market this summer at Seattle’s Schooner Brewing and Roche Harbor Resort and Marina, where it can be enjoyed on tap. Six-packs are also available at select retailers. We caught up with Enger to learn more about her favorite things and her recent entrepreneurial endeavor.

Favorite Places

For Dinner
There are so many cool, new restaurants in Bellevue and Seattle, but my husband and I love to sit at the bar at Vivo 53. They have great, engaging bartenders and fabulous Brussels sprouts.

To Grab a Drink
I am a huge fan of the patio at 520 Bar and Grill.

San Juan Islands

Photo by Andrew Reding

To Be Inspired
Sweating it out at a Flywheel class or sitting with my face in the sun.

To Relax
My parents’ deck up in the San Juan Islands, soaking in the view.

To Travel:
Anywhere near the ocean. Saltwater is a game-changer.

Inspiration Board

Princess Bride

Photo courtesy moviestillsdb

Favorite Movie
Would be a toss-up between The Princess Bride and Wedding Crashers.

Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven.

Favorite Cocktail
I love a good Vodka Gimlet, but now I am hooked on San Juan Seltzer.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
Usually from my parents. My dad recently said, “Fear is a very healthy stimulant.”

Favorite App
That’s a tie! Would be the Flywheel App, which I am on almost every day, or Team Snap, which keeps me organized with all my kids’ sports.


What ultimately pushed you to take San Juan Seltzer from an idea to a product on shelves?

What ultimately pushed me through was the support of my husband, family, and friends. They really motivated me to go for it.


Photo by Jinx McCombs

How did you pick the flavors?

We went back and forth on several flavors. We ultimately decided on the four flavors that grow well in — and reflect the lifestyle of — family, friends, and outdoors
of the Pacific Northwest. We feature Huckleberry, Fuji Apple, Rasberry-Cran, and Pure. They all have their own unique, clean flavor.

What’s something you learned from this process that you’ll carry with you for future endeavors?

I have learned some of the challenges of being a woman in a male dominated alcohol industry, but it just motivates me more to promote and support small businesses with woman entrepreneurs.

What’s a fun cocktail people can make at home with San Juan Seltzer?

I love to drink all the flavors as they come: straight out of the can or poured over ice with a fresh or frozen fruit garnish.

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