Keep Your Heart Happy


It’s that time of year again to recognize heart health with American Heart Month. Keep your heart happy this February
(and every month!) by remembering to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

  • Stay away from smoke. Even low exposure can make a negative impact on your health and could make you more susceptible to heart disease.
  • Reduce your stress. Stress often results in a rise in blood pressure and heart rate, which can lead to a higher risk of a coronary event occurring. Try yoga or meditation as methods of stress reduction, and make sure to get a hearty laugh in at least once a day.
  • Keep active, as much as you can, as often as you can. Whether you’re walking the dog or gardening, physical activity reduces your chances of developing other conditions that can strain your heart, such as high cholesterol and diabetes.
  • At a moderate level, wine may have some protective effects on your heart, according to studies. But more can become a health hazard. Men should have no more than two drinks a day, and women shouldn’t have more than one.
  • Get screened. As diabetes is a risk factor for developing heart disease, consider being tested, especially  if you are at risk due to weight or a family history of diabetes.
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