Blast From The Past: Kids Fashion

Fashion-forward kids are looking back for style inspiration. 


Build Your Own Chucks

Kids Fashion Converse

Converse are timeless on their own, but your kids’ kicks will be the talk of the playground after they custom-design a personalized pair of Chucks online. They can choose from about 40 color or pattern combinations for the body, and mix or match customization on the tongue, heel stripe, lining, stitch, laces, eyelets, tongue label, rubber sidewall, and racing stripe. Your kiddo turned cobbler can even customize her creation with an eight-letter nickname printed near the heel. $45,


Outer Layers

Kids Fashion Gap jacket

There are so many jacket styles to choose from, but this year the hot trend is stylized varsity jackets, like this floral one from Gap Kids. Depending on the weather, you also can’t go wrong with a classic denim jacket for fall, or a woolen coat with a fur-trimmed hood for winter months. Puffy vests also are back again for another year, layered over long-sleeved, warm flannel, or fleece shirts.


Cute Containers 

Kids Fashion rainbow suitcase

Mini briefcases, suitcases, lunch boxes, and even tiny guitar cases as purses also are seeing a resurgence of late. For instance, take this handmade rainbow suitcase by online boutique, Sweet Threads, which is as cute as it is functional. $18,


“Duh, It’s Totally Faux!”

Kids Fashion choker

Speaking of early ’90’s fashion, these choker necklaces are a blast from the past for any Clueless-loving moms out there who once aspired to be just like the movie’s protagonist, Cher. These tightly fitted necklaces can be made from lace; velvet; or, in the case of these faux-tattoo chokers, plastic. $4.50,


Rock Out

Kids Fashion blutooth headphones

With the prevalence of smartphones and other devices, it seems like no outfit is complete without earbuds or headphones. Consider the kid-friendly Bluetooth Untangled Pro headphones by LilGadgets, which regulates the volume to a maximum of 93 decibels to avoid hearing damage, while reducing outside noise and allowing children to move up to 30 feet away from their device without cords. $49,


Puddle-Jumping Gear

Kids Fashion yellow rain boots

If you’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for longer than nine months, you likely pride yourself on your ability to brave winters without the assistance of an umbrella. You also know you can’t put a price on a good pair of rain boots. Cue these long-lasting and classic yellow rubber rain boots by Hunter to keep your kids looking cool while staying dry. $55, 


Slap and Go

Kids Fashion slap watch

Remember the slap bracelet craze from the early ’90s? It’s back with a vengeance, and this time these popular and snappy accessories have gotten an upgrade with attached analog watches. Watchitude snap watches are available in more than 100 different printed designs, such as denim, sprinkles, emoji faces, graffiti, hot dogs, camo, and sunsets. $21.99,


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