King County Library Patrons are Tech-Savvy Early Adopters

Love the library but frustrated with a lack of audio and e-books? As those who frequent any  King County Library already know, that’s all changed. The King County Library System has adopted OverDrive to help expediently provide digital copies of popular and classic titles in e-book and audiobook form.

“Every week, I help at least a few patrons borrow their very first e-book or audiobook from Overdrive,” said Bettina McKelvey, a librarian at the Bellevue Library. “The service only seems to get more popular over time through promotions on our website and sheer word-of-mouth. It’s always a pleasure to help someone learn a new way to use their library.”

What makes OverDrive (and its corresponding app, Libby) so appealing and successful is, ultimately, its convenience.

“It’s so simple, we’re getting millions of first-time readers discovering, that with a library card and a connection, they have access to every book available that historically would have required them to get in the car and drive to the branch,” said Overdrive CEO Steve Potash.

Potash also explained that OverDrive has a close relationship with Microsoft, and all of their tech campuses in Bellevue and Redmond. Those markets have seen heavy adoption of OverDrive. The foreign language e-book and audiobook offerings are also very popular among Eastside residents.

OverDrive works with the vast majority of library systems all over the U.S. Potash explained that the King County Library System was not only one of the first to adopt this technology, but one of the most successful markets for OverDrive and Libby.

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