Kirkland Foster Dogs Eligible for Free Daycare

A difficult downside to fostering animals can be leaving them home alone when you need to go to work, which is why Pickles Playland, a Kirkland small-dog daycare center with a lounge, is offering free daycare to small-sized foster dogs.

According to the company, CEO Nikki Johnson felt compelled to offer this service as a way to support foster dogs and their caretakers. Johnson established Pickles Playland after rescuing a Cane Corso named Pickles, who was abused, abandoned, and (as Johnson later learned) had a heart condition. She said foster dogs who have come to Pickles Playland have a better chance of finding their forever home.

“The photos we take, as well as the personality and activity notes we provide for our dogs, can help provide a comprehensive profile for the foster dogs,” Johnson said. “Ultimately, we can help a foster dog find the right match for his or her forever home.”

Pickles Playland will continue to offer free daycare for foster dogs as long as they have the available space. All dogs must meet the behavior, vaccination, and health criteria. For more information, contact or 425.298.4530.

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