KIZIK Footwear: Hands-Free Shoes

Everything these days is hands-free — and now your shoes can be too. KIZIK Footwear offers men’s shoes with what they call F.A.S.T. Technology — a titanium wire that’s inside the heel to help you put on your shoes without using your hands. It’s not too tight or too loose, and took years to perfect.

“We put our shoes through more than 100,000 compression tests to ensure our shoes live up to our promise, without compromise,” states KIZIK’s website. “Each shoe is made of the highest grade, full grain leather, which ensures the material has great strength, durability, and looks even better over time.”

And of course, hands-free also means no laces, snaps, buttons, or zippers — just sleek, cool shoes that are comfortable. Find them at Shoes N Feet in Bellevue.

is the editor in chief at 425 magazine.
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