KuKuRuZa Opens at Belleuve Square

We all love the latest food trend, from cupcakes to fro-yo to pies. The next big player to pop into this market could be gourmet popcorn.

Pike Place is home to the flagship store of the local, handcrafted gourmet popcorn shop KuKuRuZa. Opened in 2008, the company has since expanded in the area (and internationally), with their most recent addition to the Eastside at the Bellevue Square Mall. This shop in Bellevue marks the seventh for KuKuRuZa.

“KuKuRuZa offers the most unique and delicious snack in Seattle, and now we’re on the Eastside,” said company president Grant Jones.

While the idea of adding flavorings or toppings to popcorn is not necessarily a new one, KuKuRuZa ensures that their treats are unique with combinations like Cinnamon Bun (a white chocolate drizzle adds pizzazz), Truffle Fromage Porcini (these flavors will have you craving a steak) and a classic — Maple Bacon. And of course, since the shop was born in the heart of Seattle, it wouldn’t be local without a nod to the region’s caffeine of choice, highlighted in the espresso-heavy Seattle Style flavor.

The shop offers more than 25 flavor creations, and they are constantly innovating, looking to their loyal customers for requests and ideas. Seasonal flavors are offered as well, but they don’t last long, so be sure to snatch some of those up during their limited availability. All popcorns can be ordered online and found locally in in the Downtown Seattle, Ballard or Bellevue locations; fun gift tins and variety packs can also be ordered for special occasions. The bags are sold by the gallon, and one bag of a classic flavor like White Cheddar or Classic Caramel goes for $13; a slightly elevated mixture, such as Buffalo Bleu Cheese, sells at $16 a bag; and the really out-there blends like Coconut Macaroon are $19 per bag. You can also purchase 1 or 2 bags, which are perfect for snacking.

Visit the shop, found on Level Two in Bellevue Squar,e and check KuKuRuZA out online.

is a contributor to 425 magazine.
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