New and Improved Arm Day

For some of us, navigating arm day at the gym can be tricky. Upper body work outs can be neglected or reduced which, yes, we know, just exacerbates the problem.

That’s why we were excited to learn that Life Time Athletic recently rolled out an upper-body companion to its Gluteus Maxout routine: A 45-minute strength-based session called UPPER Rx. The workout is developed by fitness coach Ashlie Sustaita and focuses on arms, hips, and core.

Life Time Athletic coach Katie Kelly has been teaching the class since it came to the Bellevue location at the end of June this year. She keeps the class moving quickly so that — right when you think you probably can’t do it anymore — the 45-minutes is up, and you get to leave feeling strong.

UPPER Rx starts out with a warm-up, which is mostly core: Kelly said the purpose of this is to make sure that core gets plenty of time, since so many upper body routines often save it for the end and then shortchange it.

After warming up the core and stabilizing the body with exercises like planks, you move to strength sets with heavy barbells that target the back, chest, and shoulders. The name of the class, Kelly said, refers to the prescription — Rx — of the day, which combines simple and compound strength exercises. The class then ends with metabolic conditioning: repeating the same group of dynamic moves every minute on the minute five times.

Combined all together, the elements of the class are enough to wipe you out, make you feel sore — and strong — for days, and earn you a big, healthy meal directly afterward.

UPPER Rx takes place at Bellevue’s Life Time Athletic location on Thursday evening from 6:05 to 6:50 p.m. The class is included with a Life Time Athletic membership.

is an assistant editor at 425 magazine.
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