Local Chef and Seahawks Kick Hunger, Again

Yes, The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII, but the Seahawks may have brought a more meaningful title back to their Seattle community through the National Football League’s Kick Hunger Challenge.

Led by local chef and restauranteur John Howie and former Seahawk Craig Terrill, the Seahawks team was just one of 32 NFL teams competing in this friendly fundraising challenge to raise money for food banks nationwide.

As is in previous years, the Seattle-based team elected to benefit Seattle-based Food Lifeline, a nonprofit which endeavors to solve hunger in the Puget Sound region. This year, the team not only earned first place in the competition, but they set a new record, raising more than $244,044 — a far cry from the $138,000 the team accumulated during last year’s challenge.

Since Food Lifeline can feed up to five individuals with just a $1 donation, the efforts of the team led to more than 1 million meals for hungry Western Washington families.

The Seattle team’s first-place effort comprised close to 40 percent of the overall amount raised by the NFL as a whole. The New England Patriots placed second with $107,237, and the Minnesota Vikings finished third with $107,229.

For more information or to donate to a family in need, visit Food Lifeline online.

is an assistant editor at 425 magazine. Email her.
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