Majestic Mountain Getaway

Inside a stunning custom home at Tumble Creek

On the other side of Snoqualmie Pass there is a special place where people go to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy Puget Sound life. They go to enjoy spectacular weather — all four seasons in Cle Elum are dramatic and awe-inspiring. Now, many people are not just going to Suncadia to visit; they are investing in second homes, and some are moving there. And the most desirable place to call home is Tumble Creek.

“Tumble Creek feels like you traveled to an entirely different world surrounded by nature, with caring, attentive staff to pamper you and your family. And you have only traveled (about) 80 miles,” said Richard Seay, the vice president and director of sales and marketing for Suncadia, Tumble Creek, and the Nelson Reserve. He said the sun, river, open spaces, large homesites, and views inspire people to reconnect with each other and decompress.

The homes at Tumble Creek are located across the river from the main Suncadia Resort. There are 100 homes there now, and 53 homes in various planning and building stages. When complete, Tumble Creek will have 400 to 600 homes in all, depending on the size and mix of the remaining property, Seay said. About 30 homeowners live at Tumble Creek six months to a year.

Tumble Creek homes are high-end. Many of them are large and full of creative touches, but there are also some small homes, like jewels among the trees.

  • This featured home was built by Tumble Creek Builders, LLC, which has been building homes at Suncadia for a decade. The company provides ready-built, turn-key, high-end homes inside the Tumble Creek developement at Suncadia, and is currently working on the 425 Resort Home of the Year!
  • This home is about 9,500 square feet, with five bedrooms and a bunk bed room. The hand-hewn reclaimed oak timbers throughout are 150 years old, and were sourced from Kentucky.
  • Exposed wooden beams, wood-wrapped windows and other rustic touches bring warmth and comfort to this large home that can host several visitors.
  • The gourmet kitchen is fit for a chef. The massive refrigerator makes storing food for entertaining a breeze. The large island allows the cook to mingle with guests in this open-concept design.
  • The 425 resort home of the year is coming! Tumble Creek Builders, LLC principles Jeff Shults and Kevin Merrell are building the 425 Resort Home of the Year. A live event and feature is in the works. Details at The home will pay homage to mining and timber industries. See more project photos.
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