Maskne Doesn’t Have to Be Inevitable

This year is full of new jargon, from “flatten the curve” to “isolation” versus “quarantine.”

One of the more recent additions is “maskne.” For many, masking up has led to breakouts, especially for those who must wear masks for work during the majority of the day. Experts recommend washing masks daily, and your face even more regularly.

Even with these preventative measures, though, maskne has nonetheless turned into a commonality. 

One Portland-based brand is hoping to fix that.

Sweat and a lack of airflow clog pores under your mask. Untamed Humans has debuted a mask relief mist: It’s a portable spray formulated with ingredients sourced locally from the Pacific Northwest like witch hazel, aloe, and tea tree extract.

The mist should be sprayed after taking off your mask throughout and at the end of the day to refresh your skin with antibacterials.

Continue masking up, washing your hands and mask, and taking steps to care for your body and mind.

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