Made In Medina

An elegant home in Medina combines clean lines and modern motifs with the comforts of home.

An elegant home built above the Overlake Golf and Country Club combines clean lines and modern motifs with the comforts of home.

Perched high on a hill overlooking the Overlake Golf and Country Club is a new contemporary home with long clean lines and airy open spaces. The four-bedroom, 3½-bath home was built by Scott and Sandra Gjesdahl, the power couple behind Bristol Design & Construction, an award-winning Northwest firm that is now transitioning to Belize, where the couple has begun a sustainable development called The JaQor Coast.

Medina Bristol Home - outside

It looks like weathered metal tiles on the outside of the house, but it is actually Spanish porcelain. “This won’t rust or wear over time — so it provides that look we all love without the mess or maintenance,” Sandra Gjesdahl said. All photography by Rachel Coward

“This (the Medina home) is the first project we’ve ever done without a client,” Sandra Gjesdahl said. “We were tipped off on the property by a friend who felt a quick flip was a sure thing.” However, this project turned into a complete tear-down and rebuild. “We knew we had to maximize the square footage and overall volume of the home due to the location. But function and aesthetics are of even higher priority to us.”

Medina Bristol Home - living room

“I love the panoramic doors,” Sandra Gjesdahl said. “They operate independently, which offers options of having one, two, or all panels open. You can even slide them around to create openings that work best — whatever the occasion.” Other highlights are the wrap-around corner fireplace, open-concept great room, and fat-slabbed wood floors.

The home was designed and built to the site — which is a long, rectangular lot, about 10,000 square feet. Because of smart design decisions, the whole home flows with ease and beauty. It might be the couple’s last Northwest project, now that they are busy building in Belize. They just finished another award-winning home there that is “totally off the grid.”


Medina Bristol Home - bathtub and shower

This bathtub can be filled to the rim. The water overflows toward the shower drain. It’s a luxurious addition that the Gjesdahls add to their projects often. “People went crazy for (a similar image) on Houzz,” Gjesdahl said.


Medina Bristol Home - kitchen

The kitchen is semi-small but mighty. There is a host of hidden, built-in appliances ready for a chef.


Medina Bristol Home - deck

Bristol Home Idea House 2017, Medina, Washington


Medina Bristol Home - kitchen sink

Bristol Home Idea House 2017, Medina, Washington


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