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A chat with Julep founder Jane Park

Founded in 2007 by Jane Park, a former Starbucks and BCG executive, Julep is a blossoming beauty brand that believes beauty is not about competition or perfection but “connection.” Julep evolved from a Seattle nail parlor to an e-commerce shop and launches, on average, more than 300 new nail color, cosmetic and skin care products each year. With parlors in Bellevue, Downtown Seattle, and the University District — and products available here, Nordstrom and Sephora — Julep is striving to take the beauty world by storm. Eye on Style caught up with Park to learn more about this Northwest-based company, and to get a sneak peek at nail trends for this summer.

Q: What sets Julep apart from other nail salons?
A: All of our polishes are five-free, and we provide a space where you can come with your girls to hang or come alone to reward yourself. In our parlors you are able to relax your mind from the outside world and literally put a part of the day in someone else’s hands. At Julep, the reason we work so tediously to train our verns (which is what the company calls its manicurists) is so that they cannot only be amazingly skilled to leave you with primed fingers and toes, but can also be there as a source of calm in your hectic day. They’re like therapists – there to talk if you want an ear, or to give you complete calm if you don’t want to talk. They learn to read people well.

Because all of our products are a five-free, vegan-friendly formula and also include strengthening Hexanal and antioxidant green coffee extract, [it] makes the air breathable for our verns as well as customers. Select services include the customer taking home a polish of their choice, as well as the file and buffer from their service.

Q: Julep also offers some great products for at-home manicures and pedicures. What is the best piece of advice you have for those DIYers? Any secrets you can share?
A: It’s all about nail maintenance – taking care of the actual nail and your cuticles. Something I love is our Take a Breather – Oxygen Nail Treatment. It has a nutrient-rich formula that includes nail boosting Hexanal, anti-aging plant cells, and a protective UV filter. I call it Spanx for nails! It smooths and strengthens weak, brittle nails and encourages strong, healthy growth with less breakage and splitting.

Q: With summer and pedi season right around the corner, what are some exciting nail trends that we will see?
A: You will see a lot of pastels, especially cool blue tones, also a lot of skin tone colors such as natural beiges and warm honey hues.

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