New Year, New Exhibits at BAM

It’s a new year and that means new exhibits will be coming to the Bellevue Arts Museum. In 2020, the museum will be home to two new, amazing exhibits: Altered States will have you challenge reality and place you in a dream world and Playa Made: The Jewelry of Burning Man will shed a new view on the popular festival. Both exhibits open Jan. 24 and run until June 14.

Altered States

“Who Left the Kettle On?” by Nicole Gordon. Courtesy Bellevue Arts Museum.

If you’re a fan of abstract art, then you should keep your eye on the new Altered States exhibit by Nicole Gordon.

Gordon is a Chicago-based painter known for her hallucinatory style and large canvas paintings.

This exhibit, brought to the Northwest for the very first time, focuses on post-surrealist images of reality and has compositions that are similar to science fiction, punk, and psychedelic perceptions. Her subjects are fluid in time and show the present, past, and post-human future, focusing on scenes that would only exist in our minds.

Gordon’s art is filled with vivid colors that contrast beautifully and helps to draw you into each subject.

Gordon brings a new view to universally accepted ideals that are present within our reality. She challenges the viewer by presenting the concept of painting what is true over what is real. For more information on Altered States, visit this website.

The Jewelry of Burning Man

“Wheely Man” by Les Seymour and Nelson Geisecke, 2012. Courtesy Bellevue Arts Museum.

Burning Man is a large festival held yearly in the deserts of Nevada, so how does that translate into a museum exhibition? The new exhibit coming to the Bellevue Arts Museum will teach you that the art of jewelry-making is a very important part of the Burning Man community, and may help you to think about the festival in a new light.

Playa Made: The Jewelry of Burning Man is a new exhibit coming to the museum that focuses on the jewelry made for and during the popular festival.

The jewelry at Burning Man helps to create personal connections and foster the creative and communal spirit within each person that wears or creates the jewelry. Finely crafted glass coins, lakebed-clay charms, and wooden pendants are some of the most popular pieces created and worn at the festival. This exhibit showcases these important pieces and explores the principle of gifting.

You will find 200 pieces by more than 60 artists ranging from handmade to professional jewelers. To learn more about Playa Made: The Jewelry of Burning Man, click here.

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