Online Treat Map Simplifies Trick-or-Treating

A lit front porch on Oct. 31 has long been a beacon for costume-clad children, indicating “free candy here” or “trick-or-treaters welcome.” However, confusion reigns when Halloween curmudgeons and the blissfully ignorant alike leave their lights on for everyday purposes. To simplify the trick-or-treating process, community social network Nextdoor has brought its Treat Map back by popular demand.

Typically a venue to discuss local events, lost or found items, thefts, wandering pets, and general neighborhood goings on, Nextdoor is taking the trick out of the treat by allowing users to announce to the neighborhood that their candy bowls are open for business.

Simply sign up for Nextdoor (if you haven’t already), and go to the map of your neighborhood. You will be given the choice to add icons over your family’s home. There’s a candy corn if you are giving out candy or haunted house if you’re inviting neighbors into your home for a little Halloween thrill.

Likewise, parents can use the Treat Map to know where trick-or-treaters will be throughout the night by visiting the Treat Map website or via maps on the go with Nextdoor for iPhone and Android.

For more information, visit Nextdoor online.

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