Slideshow: Nordstrom Turns up the Heat

Photos by Vivian Hsu for Team Photogenic

Nordstrom Bellevue strayed away from its typical fall fashion show at Bellevue Fashion Week to do a menswear show with GQ magazine that raised over $28,000 for the Detlef Schrempf Foundation. Among the handsome models that sported the fall trends were local celebrities including Seattle Seahawks kicker Steve Hauschka, Seattle Sounder Michael Gspurning and Restaurateur Brian Canlis. Dan Savage and his husband, model, Terry Miller also hit the runway in outerwear. After the show Savages tweeted the following.

“Tonight I had to get undressed in a room full of male models and professional athletes. #conqueryourfears #conqueryourqueers”

Conquering your fears is what fashion is all about and the Nordstrom show did not disappoint. According to a GQ stylist who greeted the crowd,  we’re having a “menswear boom.” Fashion for men is more dynamic than ever and it’s in high demand.

A few trends to look out for this year:

Versatility: Your suit should be able to take you from the boardroom to the poker room. An outfit can draw from all aspects of your life, even if you’re a country boy.

It’s all in the Details: Be sure to check out the stitching, the fabrics, the textures and the colors. Menswear is about texture and patterns.

Layering: Tina Withersoon, a great local designer, once told me, “When it comes to layering, Seattle is boss.” For men, it’s all about layering those different patterns and textures.

Boots with Suits: Rep your outdoorsy self during the week with bold boots with sleek suits.

Flash Color: Conservative menswear typically stays pretty neutral so spice things up with a flash of color, even if it’s just in the detailing.

Check out all of GQ’s favorite fall trends here and see a few of the looks from the show in the SLIDESHOW (above).

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