Northwest Reads

As you’re developing your summer reading list, consider these titles by local authors. 

Birds of the West: An Artist’s Guide

From painting techniques to color palettes, get to know the birds of the West in Seattle artist Molly Hashimoto’s stunning display of our feathered creatures. With more than 120 paintings, Hashimoto captures the beauty of roughly 100 Western bird species with musings about where she’s seen them in the wild. Mountaineers Books | $22.95

The Flight Girls

Inspired by real-life, courageous female pilots, The Flight Girls by Bothell resident Noelle Salazar takes place during World War II and follows the story of a woman who travels to Hawaii to train Army aviators. Salazar’s intensely researched novel offers a window into the little-known history of the Women Air Force Service Pilots. MIRA Books | $16.99

The Last Romantics

Seattleite Tara Conklin gained fame after the publishing of her novel The House Girl, which became a New York Times bestseller. Her recent title, The Last Romantics, is set 60 years in the future with a renowned poet reflecting on her 80-year career. The book unravels the story behind her most famed work, The Love Poem, which dives into Skinner’s painful past during a time when she was a devote romantic. This page turner offers a beautiful connection between art and humanity. HarperCollins Publishers | $12.99

A Girl’s Guide to the Wild

From hiking basics to more advanced skills, author Ruby McConnell takes girls ages 9 to 12 through the great outdoors. Supported with illustrations from Teresa Grasseschi, this go-to guide is exactly what young women need to feel empowered and prepared to hit the trails — not to mention it’s peppered with stories from outdoorswomen including the first amputee woman to summit Mount Everest and the founder of Girl Scouts. Sasquatch Books | $17.99

Growing Berries and Fruit Trees in the Pacific Northwest

If raising your own fruit trees is the apex of happiness, then you must snag a copy of this guide by Tara Austen Weaver. Learn to cultivate a range of backyard fruit-bearers from strawberries to currants to Asian pears and figs. Once you have your own little agriculture oasis, make one of the 10-plus recipes to preserve your harvest. Sasquatch Books | $19.95

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