One Golf Swing, $1 Million

The satisfaction of making a a hole-in-one in golf is undeniably rewarding. That single shot can leave you feeling like a million bucks. In this case, it can actually hand you a million bucks.

Oki Golf recently announced the “One Swing, One Million” contest, in which 25 qualified participants will compete for a prize of one million dollars. The participant that hits a hole-in-one in just one swing will be declared as the winner, receiving this generous prize in exchange for this exceptional shot. The event will take place on Saturday, Aug, 16, 2014 at The Golf Club at Newcastle.

Those interested in competing can enter to qualify between Monday, June 16 and Sunday, July 6. There are three different ways to enter, including playing a round at any Oki Golf public course on a weekday. Click here for more details on how to qualify.

On the day of the event, Saturday, August 16, the 25 qualifiers will take one golf shot on a par-3 hole selected by the sponsor. Should a hole-in-one occur, it must meet the USGA hole-in-one criteria, as well as the criteria noted in the Official Contest Rules. The winner will then receive an income that pays $25,000 per year for 40 years.

is a contributor to 425 magazine.
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