Peggy Bennett

Founder of Straight to the Heart Matchmaking.

The road to finding love can be heartbreaking and disappointing, but Kirkland resident Peggy Bennett, founder of Straight to the Heart Matchmaking, aims to make it a little easier. Bennett had been informally linking hearts together throughout her adult life, and she had heard so many stories of highly successfully people stumbling when it came to finding the right partner. In November 2014, Bennett decided to branch away from her corporate work to become a full-time, Clarity Love Coach. She received her credentials from the Matchmaking Institute of New York — the only school in the world authorized to issue matchmaking certifications — and works with clients out of her Bellevue office. — Compiled by Shelby Rowe Moyer

Favorite Places

To relax
Curling up with a glass of wine, cozy blanket, and my boyfriend is the best.

Kirkland Sunset

Taomeister via Creative Commons

To be inspired
Watching sunsets in Kirkland.

For dinner
Black Bottle in Bellevue.

To grab a drink
Bottle and Bull in Kirkland for its handcrafted cocktails.

Inspiration Board

Guilty pleasure
Sea salt caramels at Purple Café & Wine Bar (Woodinville and Bellevue). You can get them to go. Makes for a great hostess gift.

I would love a magic wand to wave to create world peace.

A Star is Born


Favorite movie
A Star is Born (the most recent two versions).

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Best advice
To do what I love and follow my passion, which has led me to hosting a podcast show and offering a coaching program on “How to Manifest Your Soulmate.”

Best purchase you’ve recently made
My daughter and I spent the afternoon together as we selected some fun (more sophisticated) things to update her bedroom. She’s 15. It wasn’t necessarily the items; it was the time together that made it so special.


How can you tell if two people are a potential match?
I look at similar lifestyles, values, whether they are extroverts or introverts. There are many things, along with the fact that I have met them face-to-face, so I use my intuition as well.

Why do you think some of your clients feel unlucky with love?
It could be a number of things. This is one reason I got into coaching, because many of us don’t realize that we have some “stuff” we need to work through, or else we end up attracting the same kinds of people. If you are dating online, take a close look at how you are representing yourself and ask if that is in alignment with what you want. Many of us don’t actually know how to represent ourselves well when it comes to online dating.

What’s the most challenging part about being a Love Coach?
Coaching singles to be open-minded and going into a date looking for the green lights instead of the red flags.

When someone comes to you for a matchmaking service, what are the first steps?
I answer initial questions, because for many, this is a new thing for them to try. Then we schedule a complimentary “Discovery Session,” which is a face-to-face meeting with me in my Bellevue office. From there, I go over the different packages I offer.

If you could give love advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Love yourself first!


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