Pet of the Week: Ali

Ali, a one-year-old Siberian Husky mix, is an amazing pup in more ways than one.

She was born blind, and recently had her eyes removed to alleviate the pain they were causing her. And while her condition might be a little uncomfortable to see at first, we think it adds character, and cuteness. Just try not to “aww” aloud when looking at her adorable face.

Ali is full of life and very bold considering her lack of sight. At nearly a year old, she is still a developing pup. She’s been in continued socialization and training, and she’s doing extremely well. Just tap your toe and she can follow you. Throw a ball and she can even play fetch! When Ali attends dog daycare, she checks out the perimeter of the room and figures out who her friends are — and then starts playing.

Another awesome fact about Ali is that she won a national contest hosted by Petcurean, and now gets free food for life. She won over the country’s heart in the pet food company’s voting contest, and now she’s ready to win over yours.

Ali does well with other dogs and would benefit from having one in the home to follow and take cues from. She does have a heart murmur (it doesn’t slow her down), and is otherwise growing up to be a really great pup.

Ali is looking for a loving home where she can romp, play, and get plenty of belly rubs. Dare we say she might appreciate a lap as well; despite her medium size, she really loves cuddles.

This week’s Pet of the Week, Ali, is available for adoption at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. Email for more information.

Motley Zoo is a Redmond-headquartered, foster-based, volunteer-run, nonprofit animal rescue that assists local, national, and international animals in need. The organization houses its animals in foster homes and also operatesRock Star Treatment Dog Daycare — a hybrid, service-based venture that helps support the rescue. 

Email Motley Zoo at, and see the organization’s other available pets here. See last week’s Pet of the Week here.

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