Pet of the Week: Dudley Do-Right

This week’s pet of the week is Dudley Do-Right, a 3-year-old Labrador retriever/border collie mix who has never met a stranger. Dudley is extremely outgoing and friendly, and he’s looking for his new best friend.

While Dudley is very gregarious, he’s also a powerful, large breed dog who will happily tell you what’s on his mind. Due to his affinity for vocally sharing his excitement about the world, he’s been working on using his inside voice. At his foster home, he’s also learning to curb his love of cats, squirrels, and rabbits, in addition to learning fun tricks such as high five, wave, and roll over.

Dudley enjoys the company of other dogs and wouldn’t mind sharing his future family with a female canine friend or two.

This happy pup is truly the best of both worlds: He’s an energetic jogging buddy and a champion snuggle bug. He can be up and about for an early morning run, and he’s equally as happy enjoying popcorn and a Netflix marathon in the evenings or on rainy days. As long as he’s with you, all is right in his world.

This week’s Pet of the Week, Dudley Do-Right, is available for adoption at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. Email for more information.

Motley Zoo is a Redmond-headquartered, foster-based, volunteer-run, nonprofit animal rescue that assists local, national, and international animals in need. The organization houses its animals in foster homes and also operates Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare — a hybrid, service-based venture that helps support the rescue. 

Email Motley Zoo at, and see the organization’s other available pets here. See last week’s Pet of the Week here.

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