Pet of the Week: Monty

This week’s Pet of the Week is Monty. Monty is one of the friendliest rabbits we’ve ever had. Saying he’s a shelter favorite is a huge understatement. All he wants is attention and some room to romp and play. He will let you pet him for hours, and then reward you with crazy high-jumps-with-a-twist called bunny “binkies.”

Monty, Pet of the Week, Special bunny, rabbit

Monty the parrot/rabbit.

He also must think he’s a parrot, because he enjoys perching on things. Monty has been overlooked by adopters over and over again, possibly because he’s a white bunny with red eyes. Interestingly, these red-eyed white (REW) bunnies are often super friendly and make the most amazing pets. Monty would be wonderful for a first-time bunny owner, he would love having well-behaved children to play with, and he’ll be fine with other pets. (Did you know bunnies and cats usually become great friends?)

Special Bunny adopts spayed and neutered rabbits to indoor homes only. We are happy to help you set up proper housing and choose the right supplies, and we are here for you as a resource whenever you need us.

Speaking of white bunnies, our 2019 calendar features the “Snowy-Furred Wonderbuns” of Special Bunnies. Spoiler alert: Monty is Mr. May! All of the featured bunnies have “plain” fur, but none have plain personalities or stories. All proceeds benefit the bunnies of Special Bunny. Calendars are available for pickup in Green Lake or Carnation, or can be mailed. To purchase a calendar, visit

rabbit, Special Bunny, animal shelter, pet of the week

Special Bunny is an all-volunteer house rabbit rescue and adoption shelter located in Carnation, Washington, with many volunteers and resources available in Seattle and online. The organization cares for 60-80 rabbits at its shelter and provides sanctuary for bunnies who need specialized care. While the Special Bunny staff are experts in caring for rabbits with special needs, they rescue and find homes for “regular” rabbits, too. Special Bunny is a registered 501c3 nonprofit.

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