Pet of the Week: Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara the dog and Rooney Mara the actress probably don’t have a lot in common. Except for their stunning good looks, of course.

Rooney is a dilute blue-colored rat terrier mix, which is pretty unusual. Besides terrier and maybe some Chihuahua, she also might be part meerkat, as she’s so good at sitting up on her hind legs to get a better view of the world.

Rooney is a bit shy at first and startles at sudden movements or noises, but she is very affectionate and loving after a very short period of time. She is actually pretty “velcro” when it comes to her person — she wants to be with you all the time. She cares more about what people are doing than other dogs, but she does well at dog daycare, too.

As she is a bit skittish, Rooney would do better with families that have teens or older; young kids will be too unpredictable for her. She’d be great with someone who is home a lot, as she would love nothing more than to share your lap as many hours of the day as she can.

In all, Rooney is a great little pup just looking for a loving owner. Might this be you?

This week’s Pet of the Week, Rooney, is available for adoption at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

Motley Zoo is a Redmond-headquartered, foster-based, volunteer-run, nonprofit animal rescue that assists local, national, and international animals in need. The organization houses its animals in foster homes and also operates Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare — a hybrid, service-based venture that helps support the rescue. 

See Motley Zoo’s other available pets here

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