6 PNW Authors to Read for National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, a month dedicated to the form of writing that renowned Pacific Northwest poet David Wagoner once called “essential, just as dancing, singing, acting, heartbeats, and breathing are.”

So check out our list of contemporary authors with Washington and Oregon roots, and get in touch with your poetic side.

1. Shin Yu Pai
Book: Adamantine
Just a taste: “Search & Recovery” on the Poetry Foundation.

2. E.J. Koh
Book: A Lesser Love
Just a taste: “Icicle Creek” in the Boston Review

3. Jane Wong
Book: Overpour
Just a taste: “Against Boredom/Toward Warmth” in CityArts.

4. Sarah Galvin
Book: Ugly Time
Just a taste: “Your Name Embroidered On It” in CityArts.

5. Robert Lashley
Book: Up South
Just a taste: “Elders Rage at the Water Spirits After a shootout” in Poetry Northwest.

6. Matthew Dickman
Book: Wonderland
Just a taste: “Minimum Wage” and “Rhododendron” in The New Yorker.

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