Pressed Juicery’s Latest Seasonal Flavor + New Frozen Treat

The vibrant flavor of blood orange is now available at Pressed Juicery, if you need a bright, citrusy hit of vitamin C to perk up your day. Focusing on vegan, cold-pressed juices for quick, easy (and yummy) attainment of daily nutritional needs, Pressed Juicery has attracted the likes of celebs like Seattle’s own Megan Rapinoe, who, like the rest of us, is constantly on-the-go and needs to keep her energy up. If you’re craving something that feels like dessert, but provides that extra nutritional edge, they make a Blood Orange Freeze, a creamy, soft-serve cold dessert that tastes like orange Creamsicle. For the first time, they’re using a coconut milk base, as a nonalmond-based alternative, and custom toppings are available at their shop. Juices available for online purchase, or at their store in Westlake Center in Downtown Seattle: 400 Pine St., Suite 116, Seattle.

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