Meet Madina Vadache

As she reclined in one of her own couture gowns before a photo shoot she sipped champagne, not concerned about the red lipstick smudge she left on the crystal glass. As soon as she placed it on the table next to her, it was quickly refilled. She acted a bit like a diva, but it wasn’t at all off putting. In fact, Madina Vadache’s bold and extravagant personality is oddly intoxicating. She believes every woman deserves to be treated like a queen.

I’m a woman who really understands what makes women glamorous, and I’m not afraid to say that,” said the couture fashion designer of her ability to “design for modern goddesses.”

The Russian-born Vadache has traveled the world with her wedding gowns and fashion lines and soon will be opening a new store in downtown Bellevue. Inspired by all different channels of artistic expression, Vadache prides herself on her ability to exemplify the beauty in women and is excited to bring her unique sense of glamour and sophistication to the Eastside.

Her fashion sense was initially born by fantasy and literature in her hometown, Dagestan, in communist Russia. “With communism, there are not a lot of resources available; it’s a pain and pleasure situation. It forces you to create,” said Vadache of growing up in Russia in the 1970s where her imagination fueled her interest in recreating natural beauty. After learning to sew from her mother, Vadache and her sister, Raya, started to make their own clothes. She worked in several fashion houses and earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion design from the Academy of Fine Arts in the Republic of Georgia. Vadache continued to pursue her talent and moved to the States in 1994 – that’s where she developed her business sense.

She likens herself to a diamond in the rough when she first arrived in the country, and Vadache embodies the concept of the American Dream. “Nothing is impossible for me,” she said.

It wasn’t an easy road. She didn’t know English when she first arrived. Vadache fell back on the skills she developed as a child, the ability to create beauty out of difficult circumstances. After settling in Seattle, Vadache’s first U.S. couture bridal collection was unveiled in 2000. Since her first launch, Vadache has enjoyed rave reviews but hasn’t quit striving to top herself. She continues to push the boundaries of the fashion world with her own signature looks.

“I’ve twisted traditional couture into an extremely feminine, sensual design for modern couture,” she said.

To further her fashion career, Vadache moved to New York City in 2009, where she found more success. But she missed the Seattle area – and believe it or not, the weather. “I was missing the Northwest so much I came back four times to visit,” she said. “The weather here is the best. I’ve been around the world and the Northwest has the best weather.” During one of her visits she headed to Bellevue. “I completely fell in love with it, the quality of life, the beauty, the nature, the well-being of soul.”

That’s when she decided to move back and work toward opening a Bellevue store. You can also find some of her dresses at The Finerie in Seattle.

Vadache makes couture fashion practical, she designs for the woman who needs to catch a flight or attend a business meeting or pick up the kids all while feeling and looking stunning.

As her photo shoot and interview wraps up, the other women in the room – the photographer, stylists and more – seem to rally around her. She is the embodiment of the “Girl Power” mantra. Then she adds, “If we give up on ourselves, there won’t be so much light in the world.”

A moment later the photographer’s camera flashes one last time, capturing Vadache in one of her stunning creations. Works of art, both.

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