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Digging up fun in the Gem State

Photos Courtesy of Idaho Tourism

Idaho lays claim to a tiny piece of Yellowstone, but the state has dozens of its own parks you can enjoy, and many are just a road trip away. Plan a weekend away in Idaho, or extend your trip to see more of the outdoor majesty Idaho has to offer. Check out these park highlights in the Gem State.

Bruneau Dunes State Park
About 60 miles north of Boise is Bruneau Dunes State Park, where the largest single standing sand dune in the United States sits at 470 feet. You can climb the sand dune, but no off-road vehicles are allowed. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can “surf” down the dune on a sandboard or snowboard.

Farragut State Park and Lake Pend Oreille
A visit to Idaho’s largest lake, Lake Pend Oreille at Farragut State Park, which is 30 miles north of Coeur d’Alene, offers a host of water activities like boating, fishing, kayaking and swimming. And if lakeside fun doesn’t suit you, the park is mere minutes from Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach Water Park.


City of Rocks National Reserve
Expert and novice climbers alike make the trek to southern Idaho to get the chance to ascend the jagged faces of City of Rocks National Reserve. With granite spires ranging from 30-600 feet high, City of Rocks has become a must-visit for climbing enthusiasts. Not prepared for a date with carabiners, belay devices and epic heights? The City of Rocks, with its incredible scenery and interesting geology, is still worthy of exploration.

Three Island Crossing State Park
Want to feel like you’re in the real-life version of the “Oregon Trail” computer game? Visit Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. The mighty Snake River runs through this park, where many crossings, some successful, others not, were made by pioneers on the Oregon Trail in the 1800s. See original wagons and visit the Trail History and Education Center to learn more about pioneers and enjoy the splendor of the Snake River.

For more information about visiting parks and other fun activities in Idaho, check out Visit Idaho.

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