Ice Cream Queen: Molly Moon Neitzel

molly-portrait-2If you love Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream on a warm summer day, then you probably have a soft spot in your heart for its owner, Molly Moon Neitzel. She’s the savvy businesswoman behind those creamy concoctions you can’t get enough of. Recently, she shared some sweet news for the Eastside. Molly Moon’s will be opening on Cleveland Street in Redmond next spring. New to the neighborhood, Neitzel has a lot to rave about on the Eastside. Here are a few of her favorite things and local finds.

Fill in the blank

My favorite ice cream flavor is: Molly Moon’s melted chocolate.
The strangest ice cream flavor I’ve ever tried was: spring garlic, of my own creation.
Ice cream is best: in a sugar cone!
If I could go on a world expedition to try different ice creams, my first stop would be: Paris to try Berthillon!
Ice cream goes best: with a first date!

Local Favorites

Restaurant The Stone House next to our future Redmond ice cream shop. I just love the cozy little historic house, and the food is amazing.
Outdoor dining A drink and tater tots (I’m from Idaho, after all) around the fire pit at Hollywood Tavern.
Coffee shop Zoka in Kirkland. I love the design of the space, and I love their Monster Cookie!
Drink I love a glass of rosé in the summer. My fave is Broadbent Rosé Vinho Verde.
Farm Full Circle Farm in Carnation. We’ve bought tons of herbs from them over the years.
Place to enjoy the sun In my canoe on Lake Washington with my family!


Sunglasses Traveler by TOMS ($68).JamieJoseph_SBTLocket_
Sandals Matt Bernson KM Gladiator sandals ($169). They make me feel like a kid.
Car Black VW Tiguan. I’ve never owned a car that wasn’t a Volkswagen.
Jewelry I love Jamie Joseph. My wedding and engagement rings are from her.


Music I love, love, love music, and worked in the music industry before starting Molly Moon’s. I’ve been listening to local bands Cataldo and Fly Moon Royalty; local star Brandi Carlile’s latest record, The Firewatcher’s Daughter; and Jose Gonzalez’s latest record. I’m in love with his song, “Every Age.”
TV The only show I have really been into in the last several years was Parenthood. I’m beyond sad its over.
Movie 5 to 7. It’s about a 33-year-old French mother of two. She’s the kind of woman that looks perfect in any outfit. I just want to be her!
Book I’m slowly making my way through the business book Small Giants, but my literary life right now focuses more on classics such as Goodnight Moon and Babar!

Portrait by James Moes. Product photos courtesy TOMS and Jamie Joseph.

is the managing editor at 425 magazine. Email her.
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