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Three Women Get Fresh Looks

In January 425 magazine asked readers if they knew of someone in need of an “office look” makeover. After receiving many nominations we chose three women we thought deserved a new look. We sent them to Nordstrom in Bellevue where a team of personal stylists outfitted the ladies from head to toe. Sorella Salon & Spa in Issaquah turned the women into cover girls with new haircuts and enhanced makeup. This is not just a makeover feature. It’s a story that highlights three working women who will never assume it’s too late for anything in life, including embracing trendsetting style.

45 going on 20

Photos by Brooke Clark

Marcelina McGinnis of Duvall started her business as an independent real estate broker when she was 23 years old. At the time, most of her peers were 45-year-old women. To fit in, she started dressing older than her age. After being called “frumpy” for almost a decade, McGinnis decided she wanted a change. “I’d love a new look; but this time, one that fits my age,” McGinnis said in her nomination entry. The team of stylists managed to balance her youth with sophistication to give her a professional look that suits her age without altering her esteem as a business owner. Now 30 and looking sensational, this spit-fire has an expressive look that reflects her drive and spunky personality. “Opening a business in your 20s makes you grow up fast,” said McGinnis. She may still have the mindset of an experienced 40-something professional but she doesn’t look a day over 25.

Hair | Jamie Reasy Khalili of Sorella wanted to enhance Marcelina’s eyes by adding deep red-violet highlights to her hair. It was a subtle, yet sophisticated approach.

Makeup | Jessie Reasy Hagen of Sorella gave Marcelina a professional but natural look for her make-up that accentuated her lips and cheeks.

Clothes | Shaye Anderson of Nordstrom chose pieces that would simultaneously express Marcelina as a young woman and an experienced professional. The blazer adds structure and femininity while the trouser denim brings in a modern touch that doesn’t belittle the professional style of the look.


Age is Just a Number

You would think after raising three kids as a single mother and tirelessly working at a second career in nursing and education for 18 years, Rita Miller of Auburn would be ready for a break. But this energetic grandma whose high-pitched laugh lights up a room is too young at heart for a life of leisure. Last year she tried to retire but was bored with so much time on her hands that she took to the gym. She lost 20 pounds.

Well-equipped with energy and good health Rita wants to go back to work as a PhD professor of nursing. Her daughter wants to see her return in style. “I want her to re-enter the workforce with panache so she can really make the best of the swan song of her career,” Linda Nicholson said in her nomination entry for her mother.

Now, made over to exude her young and cheerful character that defies her “close to retirement” age, Rita is going back to work with diligence, prestige and conviction.

“I will now be able to walk into an interview with confidence knowing I am in style,” said Miller. But beyond her professional world she hopes her new look will show her own family that she can keep up with the trends. “I hope my children will finally realize I’m not a dinosaur when it comes to fashion.”

Hair | Chelsea Higgins of Sorella worked on blending some of Rita’s layers without changing her overall length. She then added a healthy shine to enrich the look.

Makeup | Because Rita had a natural hair color, Charina Malinak of Sorella knew a deep red lip would bring out her eyes. She also added a papaya blush color to make her cheekbones pop.

Clothes | Renee Quimby of Nordstrom noticed an energy and strength about Rita that she wanted to highlight through the outfit. The blazer brings structure to her look while the scarf and necklace bring out Rita’s colorful charm.


Ready to Shine

Renee Morin of Issaquah has two full-time jobs. She’s a mom and a project manager for a leading channel marketing company on the Eastside. Despite having two full schedules this 45-year-old doesn’t feel a day over 30 and is still chasing new experiences. Part of her zest for adventure is innate, part of it she’s learned to value. At 39 she was diagnosed with HER2 Positive Breast Cancer.

“Going through this ‘cancer journey’ makes you really understand just how fragile life can be. I felt this makeover was a great opportunity for me to break outside of my norm and try a different look.”

The styling team took this wide-eyed crusader on an epic transformation. “Being a smaller person it’s very difficult to find clothes that fit me, it was nice to have someone in the industry to help me find clothes that flatter my figure,” she said.

The Nordstrom styling team found pieces that showed off Renee’s athletic frame in a subtle way. With some younger styling, Renee now has the stamp of approval from her 11-year-old daughter. “It was nice to finally hear her say that I looked good, rather than her usual, asking me ‘Are you actually going to wear that?’”

Hair | Melissa Hinand of Sorella gave Renee a softer, younger, more modern look. Taking her length to a chic bob and adding subtle highlights gave Renee a refreshed appearance.

Makeup | Charina Malinak of Sorella gave Renee a beautiful daytime look that would bring out her features in a soft, pretty way.

Clothes | Eleanor Howell of Nordstrom used color to anchor Renee’s look then added a cardigan that reflects Renee’s spirited personality. The accessories polished off the look.

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