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Drink clean at Bellevue’s Jujubeet

DSC_2272Walking into Jujubeet, your senses become enthralled by the aromatic rush of fresh greens and produce being pressed and blended behind the counter. A chic and modern setting, this bustling juice bar is embellished with bright-white subway tiles lining the walls, contemporary light fixtures illuminating the room, a smudge of greenery atop each table and a friendly and knowledgeable staff eager to juice or blend up your menu (or custom) favorite.

As you wait in line, you’ll likely catch yourself eavesdropping on other satisfied customers boasting about their beverage choices and wonder if you too, should add a shot of bee energy or wheatgrass Carrot Zinger. Then there is a guilt-free display case full of raw, organic salads, sumptuously sweet (and healthy) treats and an assortment of elixirs.

Bellevue’s new juice bar has hit the ground running, thanks to a trio of women committed to providing customers with healthy and delicious beverages and food. Jujubeet is the collaboration of owner Bianca Syzperski and co-founders Mala Raman and Janelle Miller.


Wanting to provide a healthy alternative to the convenient but nutrient-lacking options that people so often lean toward, Syzperski says that her intention for Jujubeet was to have a place where “people can come in, and no matter what they order, what they’re getting is made out of all natural and pure ingredients. It’s good for them.”

It doesn’t take a lot of convincing to sell people on Jujubeet’s menu, either — having opened last summer, Jujubeet already has a fleet of loyal regulars, men and women alike. “With trends toward organic eating and wanting to know where our food comes from, people are starting to take charge of their health,” says Miller, who has been juicing for 11 years.

Jujubeet also is the only juice bar in Bellevue that does not pasteurize their juices, meaning that the juice in your cup retains all the nutrients it would have if it had been picked straight from the garden. To give their juice a longer shelf life, Jujubeet uses lemon and lime which“maintains freshness and naturally preserves the juice. It also enhances the flavors of the other ingredients and provides some valuable health benefits, too,” says Miller.

The long list of creatively named and nutrient-rich artisan juices and smoothies make ordering easy. Drinks like Happy Greens will give you a jolt of joy with its fennel-infused nectar containing physical properties that produce the natural stimulant dopamine. Customers love the cauliflower couscous salad, especially when refueling after a workout. Also try the red beans with walnut sauce — cayenne gives this protein-rich salad a kick, while cilantro and garlic add exotic and aromatic flavor.

They source almost all their ingredients from local, organic farms (unfortunately pineapples don’t grow in Washington). “It’s exciting to be working with people local to the area. We did a lot of research so that we could provide our customers with the best quality ingredients,” Syzperski said. They are especially proud to offer local wheatgrass and bee pollen, which is considered to be the best in the area. They are also excited to offer customers unique products like raw chocolate and sprouted almonds.DSC_2280

Customers looking to get more serious can do a Jujubeet juice cleanse. With three different varieties available, including the signature, beginner and master cleanse, Jujubeet’s cleanses are designed to “rejuvenate and refresh” through a series of daily juices and elixirs all containing vital nutrients necessary for good health and a clean body.

So what’s up with the name Jujubeet? After toying with the idea of using beets as their mascot, Syzperski was at a loss for names, until Raman came to her with “Jujubeet,” a name coined by Raman’s children. The name stuck and Jujubeet was born. Starting out small in the heart of Old Bellevue with a sweet and smiley beet as their trademark, Jujubeet has quickly grown into a neighborhood favorite.

Syzperski hopes Jujubeet expands across the region, but says that you won’t find Jujubeet on grocery store shelves. Committed to providing their customers with only the freshest ingredients, Syzperski says there’s something special about “seeing a vegetable and minutes later having a glass of juice in your hand. It’s just amazing.”

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You can attend a Spring-Cleanse Educational Evening on Thursday, Feb. 6 or 20 at Jujubeet, 10602 N.E. 9th Place, Bellevue. Guests are asked to RSVP online and to learn about the benefits of juicing and eating raw and organic. 425.455.0696;

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